Karswell returns the favor

THE HORRORS OF IT ALL: Interview with Matthew Maxwell Over at the Horrors of It All, Karswell finishes off the dual (duel?) interview between him and myself, the first part of which ran last week over here. I’m pretty sure I don’t try and shill my own work, either (as he does a nice enough […]

halloween ’74.jpg

halloween ’74.jpg Originally uploaded by maxwellm

Here’s a brief interview I had with Karswell, he of The Horrors of It All, a required daily stop for all your Pre-Code Horror comics needs. And I mean all of them. He asked me to answer the same questions myself, which I’ll probably do later on this […]

This might be my favorite thing ever

Neave Television …telly without context Even if it’s only a simulacra of flipping the UHF and VHF very late at night or very early in the morning.

Songs for spring, 2008

As memed previously: Seven songs for spring, 2008. I don’t get out a lot, so don’t expect to hear current music on this list. It needs no explanation, no apology for being on this list. Ah….Eno. They won’t let me embed. Bastards. Too pure, too much, just right. Warm spring to summer evening and the […]

Just listen

Thanks to Chris, I bring you this: Just watch it. Then just go here and listen to the tracks from Diddley’s BLACK GLADIATOR. Just…goddamn… EDIT to add that I’ve been meme-tagged but don’t have time at the moment to respond to it.

More reviews

Well, really “more review”, but that doesn’t sound quite right. Horror Comics Review: Strangeways MURDER MOON reviewed at Horror Comics Review. And hey, they liked it!


Five years. And it hasn’t gone out yet. But maybe it ought to. You’d think after five years of being driven absolutely nuts by The Way Things Are, I’d have gotten sick of pointing out what’s really as plain as the nose on Ben Grimm’s face. You might be right. It’s a long time to […]

I just had to share

Red Hands Pencils Originally uploaded by maxwellm

Luis Guaragna has just finished the pencils for the story “Red Hands” and they are awesome. This story is a bit of a departure from the western setting, but I think still taps the spirit and atmosphere that we worked up in Murder Moon.

I’m always […]

Blog@Newsarama: Fringe Benefits: Strangeways Michael May gives a nice review to STRANGEWAYS: MURDER MOON. Give it a read over at their new and revamped site, why don’t you?

More travels

Full Bleed 23 Wherein I travel to Los Angeles and do battle with Book Expo America. And have sushi with a secret cabal of bloggers who will use their influence to direct discussion of the blogosphere and make SEAGUY 2 the breakout hit of whatever year it gets published in.