Found it.

YouTube – Tank Fugitive Highlights of the 1995 tank rampage through my old neighborhood in San Diego. As I recall, the incident itself was at least 45 minutes in length, maybe twice that. Looking for more footage when it occurs to me.


Something of an update

I am currently: 1) Writing book 2 of Strangeways still. It’s still titled “The Thirsty” with a backup feature called “Red Hands”. The art on “The Thirsty” is being handled by Gervasio and Jok, who did “Lone” in volume 1. Luis Guaragna (no ñ) will be doing art on “Red Hands,” and I’m really looking […]

Getting there

First Look: OLPC XO-2 Gosh, that kinda looks like something I’ve seen somewhere before. Maybe like a book or something…

Gravity’s a bear.

YouTube – U.S tank crushes Iraqi civilian’s car. Found this while doing some research. I share it now with you. Oh, and have I ever told you the story about the meth-head who stole a tank from a National Guard armory and drove it all over my old neighborhood in San Diego (Clairemont Mesa represent!) […]

Now I’ve gone and done it.

Facebook | Strangeways A Facebook group for Strangeways? What am I, some kind of lunatic? Perhaps. Feel free to join up if you’re into that sort of thing. Working on getting some content up there right now.

Unpaid Celebrity Endorsement

Gumby Approved! Originally uploaded by maxwellm

From Gumby and Pokey.

And it paid off! Right now I’m filling a re-order from Diamond that’s about a quarter of the initial order from a couple months back. Not too shabby.

Between this and Amazon, I may actually eat this month…


Pho real

Pho real Originally uploaded by maxwellm

Inspired by a post at Parkerspace espousing the virtues of OC Pho houses. Can’t remember exactly where this one is, but it’s a nice enough picture at least.

Man, I’m hungry now…


Now *that*

DSCF6395.JPG Originally uploaded by maxwellm

is one badass ride. I wants me one.

And this one was nearly towed as it was parked in a no-waiting zone at LAX on my last trip there. Maybe I coulda bought it at auction cheap…


The best glass of water ever.

DSCF6481.JPG Originally uploaded by maxwellm

I mean, this thing’s freaking Platonic or something.

Yeah, I’m loopy.

The price is wrong?

AND THEY’RE SAVING THEIR LABOURS FOR INSANE READING Comics cost too much. There. I’ve said it. We all know it to be true, but I’ll go ahead and say it. Well, it’s not 100 percent true. It is, however, quite true when you’re talking about single issues. Six issues of a comic cost something in […]