I’m glad I caught him in a good mood…


I didn’t even ask his name

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But he asked me to contribute to his stuffed squirrel’s travel journal. So that’s kind of like a sketch right? It’s my very first con sketch! A milestone! EDIT to add: His name is Taylor Hubler. Go go Google!


I’ll never ride a see-saw again

Dark Roasted Blend: Nightmare Playgrounds Playgrounds by totalitarian committee. Or by a bad series of Kafka and caffeine-fueled nightmare.

Gigantic Stumptown Compendium

Now it can be told! All Stumptown 2008 triviata will be found under a single blog entry right here. Right at this very entry that you’re reading right now. For your linkblogging convenience! Ye olde author of ye olde blogge. (Photo not by myself but by Aenigma of Flickr). Day 0 – Friday. And you […]

Thanks, Aenigma!

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I made it into a Stumptown Filckr photoset.

Let’s see. Black shirt. Yeah, Saturday. I was beginning to feel not so great by then.

Other, far more interesting, people can be seen at Aenigma’s photostream.

No, I don’t photograph real well.


Stumptown 2008 – Friday

Stumptown 2008 – KEEP MY PANTS SAFE, JIMMY WOO. Tom asked me when I’d be posting this. I originally told him not to hold his breath, but seeing as Southwest has seen fit to delay my flight, I have not much else better to do than to blog. Such a sad life have I. FRIDAY […]

Stumptown 2008 – Saturday

SATURDAY – ADDICTION OR PTOMAINE? A MYSTERY IN THREE PARTS Shower. Hot. Peppermint soap. That’ll tend to wake you up. Tried to settle myself beforehand. See, this was really my first show where I had to be on and selling stuff. Last year at Stumptown was kind of a dry run, even though I was […]

Stumptown 2008 – Sunday

SUNDAY – LESS BILL SIENKIEWICZ AND MORE SEAN PHILLIPS Awoke tenuously. Was today a good day to die? Toe on the hardwood floor. Weight supported. Deep breath. Hey. I feel okay. And my mere feeling okay compared to yesterday leaves me feeling like a Greek God. Okay, I can do this. Breakfast at the kind […]

Stumptown update

1) I am completely restocked in terms of copies of STRANGEWAYS: MURDER MOON. Feel free to buy more with confidence. Eternal thanks to my minions and those who drove them from place to place. 2) Reports of my demise are greatly exaggeragted, but as of 6pm yesterday, I did indeed have one foot in the […]

Holy simoleons!

My initial disbursement of MURDER MOON has sold out at Stumptown. Even at this very moment, my highly-paid minions are racing back to uncover more copies from their hidden and well-guarded secure caches that I’ve strategically placed at various hotspots around the world. Frankly, I’d have thought that what I carted in would have lasted […]