There’s some good things about this review, like the fact that it even happened (certainly not run of the mill for first-time self-publisher type). But there’s also some that I take exception to, maybe yea even strenuous exception to. Reprinting until they realize I’ve exceeded Fair Use… Fiction Reviews – 3/17/2008 – Publishers Weekly Strangeways: […]

California in the sixties

Magnum Search results for: California Trip From Dennis Stock. These shots are so unbelievably cool. As seen on Boing Boing.

That’s a lot of bicycle riding.

The Comics Reporter Tom says: Shame on every stupid-ass, morally ignorant fan out there who has expressed even the slightest opinion that this course of legal action in any way reflects an agenda of greed on the part of people not directly involved in the act of creation, or worse, has articulated as their primary […]

Another day, another review

Strangeways: Murder Moon at PopSyndicate This review by Ringwood Ragefucker Ken Lowery. Ooo. I said a potty word.

That’s some quality reading there.

Blog@Newsarama: Siegel heirs awarded Action Comics #1 copyright There’s some loons in this world. Some of them are posting at the above. By the by, does anyone else find the timing of this incredibly interesting given the big reveal at the end of ALL-STAR SUPERMAN #10 this week? If I didn’t know any better, I’d […]

In lieu of actual content

Attentiondeficitdisorderly Too Flat Sean reviews STRANGEWAYS: MURDER MOON. It is not an unfair reivew; and his criticisms have solid ground beneath them. I have other stuff to say about other things, but the time is not now. No time, no time.

A funny story.

So STRANGEWAYS: MURDER MOON is being printed. Things happen, and the schedule slips. Some of these things are my fault even. Right. First project, etc. I can roll with that. The schedule slips such that I have to pay to have books air-shipped to me to arrive in time to take down to Los Angeles […]

Shows up in the strangest places

Meetup recap: What happened in San Francisco? – Pop Candy – Scroll down. Keep going. Okay, stop at #18. Yeah, that’s Storm from the Isotope holding a copy of STRANGEWAYS: MURDER MOON. In full view of the camera and everything. Pics taken at the Pop Candy/Tim Sale meetup thingy last weekend. I tried real […]


Full Bleed 18 So this is what “a dream come true” looks like. Go figure. Okay, it’s really just Full Bleed #17. Give it a read anyways, since it’s just a sloppier blog post…

Strangeways shelf-talker

SMM_Shelf_single.jpg Originally uploaded by maxwellm

Print. Cut. Fold. Place.

Maybe it’ll sell some books for someone. I’ll be handing these out to retailers in the Bay Area this Saturday. If you want a high-res PDF, I’d be happy to send one along to you, but this should be high enough quality to get […]