When you’re really hungry, even a bad cheeseburger is really good.

Wonder-Con, Day 3 Used to be that fifty cents would buy an album’s worth of singles. Today it buys you two. Less than six minutes of music. Geez, no wonder the kids love The Pirate Bay so much. Spoke at length with Aussie cartoonist Paul Power while in the waiting area to get into the […]

The Sublime Rain-Howl

I forgot to mention that on Friday afternoon, I had coffee with the Most Hated Man In Comics. No, not that one. Not that other one, either. And certainly not Graeme, who could hate him? (And I didn’t even see him until Saturdayish). Yeah, him. That’s the one. He’s not so bad, really. He even […]

Like Clockwork?

Full Bleed 17 at the Comics Waiting Room. New installment is up. This time it’s about the new DC crackdown on art schedules. Funny, but it came up as a big topic of conversation at both panels that Dan DiDio ran at Wonder-Con last weekend. More on that later, though. In the meantime, give the […]

I wish I’d gone to this.

WONDERCON ’08: HERB TRIMPE SPOTLIGHT – NEWSARAMA Geez, what was I doing that I missed that? Must have been something important like transplant surgery or something.

If there are diamonds in the sidewalk, this must be San Francisco.

Being a Wonder-Con 2008 retroperspective. Things started about as badly as they could start. At least I had a hotel. And boy, did I ever. It was the con hotel, the big juke-box looking thing that towered over fourth street like a green-mirrored Wurlitzer, only without the stream of oldies (but you could get a […]


Play This Thing! | Game Reviews | Free Games | Independent Games | Game Culture This seems very familiar somehow. It’s a call to critique rather than review for the medium of video games. No, I haven’t had a chance to read it just yet, but I get the feeling that I’ve read it before […]

Wonder-Con 2008

Tired. 2 days of hotel sleep (which for me means it may as well have been no sleep), 2.5 days of walking and lugging around that stupid darned satchel, 6 panels, 1 hunt for the new Kirby book, 2 conversations with Rory Root, 1 conversation with Brian Hibbs, 1 wrong way trip in search of […]

An interesting corollary

“As we already discussed, the Best-Seller in this category is Frank Miller’s 300, with 72,328 copies sold, and an astounding $2.2 million in sales, if they all sold at full retail – that’s a crazy big number, and shows the ability of a film to sell a single-volume title. Someone coming out of Spider-Man 3 […]

Steve Gerber and Gary Groth chat, circa 1978

The Comics Journal – The Steve Gerber Interview Well worth your time, and could pretty easily be about the Current State of Comics, though it’s thirty years old. Which is more than a little sad.

Holy cow

Super-Con in San Jose Jordi Bernet is coming to the San Jose Super-Con? I am totally there. Paul Smith too? Ryan Sook? It’s a veritable who’s who of artists I love who are pretty much overlooked (or so it seems to myopic me.)