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The Comics Journal Message Board :: View topic – Baker & Taylor: Blindsiding Diamond? I need time to go through the whole thing, but there’s some interesting stuff going on in this dusty old thread at I wonder if most of the pertinent content is still…pertinent, or if things have changed in the intervening […]

Mind the dust

There’s gonna be a little (re)construction around here as I tidy some stuff up. Probably no real content today, but I want very badly to talk about Steve Gerber’s run on THE DEFENDERS, which I’m near the end of right now. And some of my favorite giant monster movies. But hammers and nails first.

Dear Stomach Flu

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Three members of my family have gotten it (my son just an hour ago.) I know I’m next. No content until this passes.

Go vote

wacky hijinx weblog And let the folks over at Hijinx comics know how you like to read your comics. I already stopped by and made the point by picking up some forty bucks worth of trades while I made my goodwill tour of the area in support of STRANGEWAYS: MURDER MOON. But your vote matters, […]


Srsly Originally uploaded by maxwellm

To everyone who thought I was better than this sort of foolishness.

Use as you see fit.


“Hi, I’m Matt”

“Hi, Matt.” “I’m a Difficult Customer.” How did I get to be this way? Find out inside.

Gee Eye Gee Ooh.

AKA GIGO, AKA “Garbage in, Garbage out.” Computers only do what you tell them to, not what you want them to. In this particular case, I really *wanted* a 1/8″ inch bleed area on all my pages, and what I got was 1/16″ of an inch. Which means my files got kicked back for looking […]

Not the one-thousandth picture on my flickr pages

BasketStar_02.jpg Originally uploaded by maxwellm

But I do indeed have one thousand posted as of today. Crazy.

Hope to post a wrap up of my current Publisher Follies of the day, sometime soon. But I’m not sure I’m that eager to embarass myself.


Strangeways: Murder Moon in RUE MORGUE

Strangeways: Murder Moon in RUE MORGUE Originally uploaded by maxwellm

In the March issue. Be sure to keep an eye out.

I know. Publicity? Outside the comic book market?

I am mad. Mad, I say!


In lieu of real content

Dred1200.jpg Originally uploaded by maxwellm

I can’t remember when I had that much free time on my hands, but evidently I did. Yeah, I made that, carefully modelling the light refraction and glare from the stained glass window and painting all the grime on the hull of that dreadnought thingy.

I used to […]