Oh, that Parker!

The Jeff Parker Interview Jeff Parker interviewed by Park (and Barb) Cooper, wherein he reveals that he tried to sneak a Marvel GODZILLA reference into AGENTS OF ATLAS. In a perfect world, he’d have gotten away with. The rest of the interview is worth reading, too.

Last Strangeways Pages for 2007

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Two new MURDER MOON pages up at the Strangeways blog. Click right here to get in on it.

I got the new PREVIEWS just as I left for Arizona, but don’t have the Diamond code for STRANGEAYS: MURDER MOON just yet. Believe you, me, it’ll be on this blog […]

More Murder Moon

New page up right here. Going on a family vacation (that probably couldn’t come at a worse time, really) over the next week. I shall essay to continue posting pages over that time. Oh, and word to the wise. Never, ever try to launch publicity for a book over the holidays. Ever. Stupid, stupid holidays.


Post-Festivus update

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Santa was pretty good to me this year, but he didn’t bring me the one thing that I really hoped for, which was about a week to get caught up on stuff and to learn why my cascading style sheets aren’t doing what I want them to do.

And […]

Murder Moon continues

Right here: click already. I’ll be working on changes to the template over there to have the pages displayed at a larger size, if I don’t break the template while I muck around with it, that is.

Two new MURDER MOON pages

Yesterday was a mess, ergo two new STRANGEWAYS pages today: Page 8 Page 9 You want to start from the beginning? Then click right here instead. Curious? The pages themselves look kinda like this:

DAY OF THE DEAD revisited

We are the monsters. When last I saw DAY OF THE DEAD, it was late 1985 when the movie actually made its debut in the theatres. The half-viewings in the middle of the night on Starz while I fed or cradled my infant son or daughter don’t count. As any parent can tell you, raising […]

Another day, another page

Make with the clicky.

New Murder Moon page up

If you’re caught up on the posting flurry from yesterday, jump right to here for the new page: http://www.highway-62.com/Strangeways/2007/12/murder_moon_preview_page_6.html If you’re just getting your feet wet, start here: http://www.highway-62.com/Strangeways/2007/12/murder_moon_preview.html More pages will follow daily, though taking the weekends and Christmas Eve/Day off. Been watching a ton of horror flicks lately. Should get a chance to […]

Murder Moon internet preview begins

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I must apologize for the somewhat clunky interface in advance. That aside, you can see the cover and some story pages for STRANGEWAYS: MURDER MOON over at the Strangeways blog.

Set your browsers to: highway-62.com/Strangeways. Two story pages up, which will grow to 6 by […]