I haven’t been reading a lot of comics lately. Well, ‘cept for the SHOWCASE: JONAH HEX volume that James from the Isotope pressed into my hands upon my last visit there. That’s got some right fine artwork, it does. Writing is…well, kinda 70s DC house style, but it’s easy enough on the eyes. Though I’m […]

Full Bleed 11

Full Bleed 11 Matt vs. THE BLACK DOSSIER.

Things that make me happy

Whilst in San Francisco to get my copy of BLACK DOSSIER signed, I was asked by Ian (Brill of the Building fame) about what makes me happy lately. He knows that I’m usually grumpy and prickly about Things In General, so if something makes me happy, it must be pretty good. Here’s a few of […]

Late, just late

Full Bleed 10 Full Bleed for the pre-Thanksgiving week is up. They say you can’t draw blood from a stone. That’s not right. You can, just not a whole lot of it…

When is a joystick not a joystick?

Level Up : How the Videogame Industry Shot Itself In the Joystick–and Why the Wii Has Stopped the Bleeding Required reading. Disruptive technologies (like the OGN and webcomic) rule. Thesis, meet antithesis. Can’t wait for the synthesis. Speaking of which, guys like this are part of the problem, not the solution. Oh no, young males […]

Scallop and Frog

DSCF5829a.JPG Originally uploaded by maxwellm

But I didn’t see any crunchy frog. Also note the “Sea Cucumber and Abalone” heading above.




As suggested by Sean, a list of current favorite horror flicks. No, I can’t be bothered to find images for them all. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD They’re coming to get you, Barbara. ALIEN Mother! DAWN OF THE DEAD Maybe it’s all that they remember from before. DAWN OF THE DEAD Bro? I’m sorry. 28 […]

Got the window, but not the shutter

Full Bleed 9 You’re already here, so why don’t you click once more to get to some real content. I’m still busy plotting out EATERS stuff that I should have plotted before I leaped into writing. But sometimes you have to make a misstep before you make a step. Or something.


I asked her name and she said to me…

Zuda, Zu Zu Zu Zuuuu-daaaa Zuda Comics | Click Here to Continue Zudacomics went live yesterday. I checked it out, mostly, I’ll admit, to see “High Moon”, which on its face seems exactly like the cogent plot elements of my OGN MURDER MOON, only in color and in a webcomic. Oh yes, and to see […]

Dark, But Shining – Blog Archive – Raising the Dead And here’s the second of my Halloween-dated pieces, posted at the dead-but-not-forgotten Dark, But Shining. It’s about a western. A good one.