Old ghosts indeed

Full Bleed 8 The first of two essays of mine posted today. I won’t tell you where the second one is until later. Let’s see how it manifests itself, shall we?

Monday’s EATERS

Eaters: ZERO: RACHEL – 2 Shooting for one Thursday.

EATERS shambles

Eaters: ZERO: RACHEL So I’ve had this plotted and thought out for too long. It’s time to actually get it out on the page and start making a story out of it. I’ll make every attempt to get a chapter (or part of a chapter) a week. I’m no Dave Wellington; I don’t think I […]

Full Bleed is up

Full Bleed 7 Disposable heroes of comicacry? Uh, right…

Sean and I agree

Attentiondeficitdisorderly Too Flat The trailer for I AM LEGEND looks pretty good (Sean’s words “Best of the three [he showcased this morning.]”) Normally the presence of Will Smith makes me a bit leery, just because of the type of big movie he’s usually cast in, being much more of a movie star than an actor […]


Highway_Monster.jpg Originally uploaded by maxwellm

I-Mockery.com’s Halloween Grab Bag – The Monster Initial Stickers Name Generator! Thanks to Boing Boing and I-Mockery, you too can have your initials in MONSTER INITIAL STICKER FORM. Go, enjoy.


Seaguy 2?

That seems to be the rumor, anyways. I’m pretty excited about this, since I’m one of those five readers who thought that SEAGUY was the meatiest of Grant Morrison’s offerings in the last several years. Wonder how much it’s going to deviate from the following that I jotted down (and even got linked to in […]

Rock and Roll Circus

I’m not particularly a fan of the Rolling Stones, I have to say. I like a number of their songs, particularly from say pre-1974 or so. But I don’t own any of their albums or can say that I’ve listened to many of them all the way through. But “Gimme Shelter”? Genius. Same with “Sympathy […]

Artcomicx vs. Team Comics

It’s all comics. Some people don’t like what you love. Sides can be taken over form versus content. You’re all very smart and passionate. Now please get back to work making comics or getting folks who don’t currently read comics to give them a try. Remeber, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part […]

I just won’t shut up

Full Bleed 6 Full Bleed is up, on the subject of comics journalism. Read if you dare.