Stumptown 2007

Lessons from the Convention Floor Stumptown, September 2007 1. Never Fly Alone Having to totally close up your table just because you need to heed the call of nature really puts a cramp in your style. That and people are gonna steal your stuff, so get a buddy. Well, that and so you can actually […]

Full Bleed #3

Full Bleed 3 Hmm. I’ve made three weeks in a row now. Spooky. And really, I meant this column to be all about why I love superheroes, but it ended up turning into something else. Oh, well.


Wizard Entertainment Steve Gerber interviewed by WIZARD magazine regarding DR. FATE, but far more interestingly, about HOWARD THE DUCK 20 years after and what he’d do with CAPTAIN MARVEL, you know, that SHAZAM! guy? Worth a quick look.

MURDER MOON rolls on

Diamond has accepted MURDER MOON for Previews. No dates, no codes, nothing else just yet. But I’ll toot my horn for the moment. Formal PR shall follow. Oh, what’s MURDER MOON? Dig the preview. Preview pages and art at this very link.


It’s Wednesday, that means trash day, right?

Full Bleed 2 Or it means another Full Bleed delivered right to YOU!


Bardo Pond Photography That’s what I answer when someone asks me for recommendations for “heavy” music. Start with AMANITA. But be sure to check out the wacked out photography and effects pedal catalogues. Cribbed from Quartz City.

Full Bleed resurrected

Full Bleed 1 Like it says. Full Bleed, for folks who don’t know, is the name of my weekly (oh God I hope I can keep it weekly) column covering comics, pop culture, writing and whatever else I can do to keep my savage editor at bay for another week. It originally ran at Broken […]

Murder Moon preview video

I sure hope this works, or I’m going to end up looking like a damn fool again. Please let me know if folks have a problem watching the above. Working on a Mac in a PC world is sometimes…frustrating. Thanks again to Steven Smith for use of his gorgeously atmospheric music, David Wellington for […]

The Story So Far

Now, in a perfect world, there’d be a bit of traffic coming this way after posting the MURDER MOON trailer. So it occurs to me that I should probably have a bit of an introduction for the folks who are coming around here for the first time. MURDER MOON, the graphic novel, was originally slated […]

An update of sorts

Murder Moon? Sitting in Diamond’s hands right now. Enjoy the preview below. Travels? Going to the Stumptown Festival in Portland, OR at the end of the month. Anything else? Working on the second round of STRANGEWAYS scripts, now that the revolving door of artists has finally stopped revolving so damn much. Is that it? Oh […]