I can’t believe

MyFox Dallas | IMAGES: Rare Comics Found At Garage Sale That this hasn’t hit the newsblogs already. What looks like original art from AVENGERS #1 (you know, the really old one, not the other one) and some EC/Warren books has been recovered from a garage sale in north Texas. All the art was reported as […]

The best laugh you’ll have all day

Family Cthulhu strikes again.

One more wallpaper

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Okay, I saw a lot of iPhones at SDCC this year, so I figure *someone* out there would dig this image to let their comics freak flag fly every time they whip out the phone to take a call.

Or maybe I’m nuts.



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I have a new iPhone. It needed a new wallpaper badly. So I made a bunch. You can see ’em right here.


You know, it’s true.

AlterNet: Blogs: Video: Bush: “Zombies Are a Danger to Your Children” [VIDEO] They’re REAL. Everybody PANIC!

SDCC2K7 conglomeration

Here’s all the sprawling mess of my SDCC 2007 reportage. At least Tom seemed to like it; maybe you will too. Photos Preview Night Thursday 1 Thursday 2 Intermission Friday Saturday Sunday Wrapup


Conpocalypse. Contaclysm. Contastrophe. It’s always a little chilly when I leave Comic-Con. Maybe that’s the onset of Global Dimming talking (Albedo reduction is a serious threat, people!) Or maybe that’s because the Con has always meant the passing of High Summer for me. Well at least the semi-adult-me. I still haven’t put away the childish […]

The Lobster Man Hentai Love-Clutch

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And a whole lot more.

A selection of photos from SDCC 2007.



Wait, what?

I must have left off on Saturday. So if it seems that everything is blending together like a Baskin-Robbins store without power to keep the Fudge Ripple from joining up with the Peanut Butter Swirl, then you’ll know why. I shoulda taken copious notes is what I shoulda done. Coulda, woulda, shoulda, didn’ta. So, as […]

All the Stuff and More

Saturday, Satyrday. First up, breakfast at the Original Pancake House in Kearny Mesa. Cherry crepes and thick-cut bacon. I ate there more times than I could count, having lived in the area for something like seventeen years. It never gets old, though I burned out on the buckwheat pancakes some time ago. Then the blogging […]