Friday: The Fans Don’t Lie

I knew that my gut instinct regarding the ABSOLUTE line from DC was pretty much on, but I got a very vivid demonstration of it at the Vertigo panel on Friday. When talking to the crowd about who was reading what title, Karen Berger would throw out various titles and get a variety of responses. […]

Nobody hates heroes

Like Marshal Law. Marshal Law Returns … and Top Shelf Has Him! – Comics Alliance This is nothing less than supreme awesomeness. I already have all of these damn books, but now the rest of the world can. Gaze into the true face of costumed despair and watch the Good Marshal clean up the streets […]


Back from Con. Laptop died, so reportage got stopped up. Apologies. Too much to comment on immediately. Going to take some time to dig out. But Grant Morrison on FINAL CRISIS? Man, I dunno. I’ll probably read it, but I’m going to end up feeling dirty, I just know it. Oh, and the big news […]

The Future Doesn’t Care (II)

Ah, where was I? Oh yes. It was the Thursday that felt like Saturday. Which is why I spent an inordinate amount of time not on the show floor and in panels or eating fresh fish and chips (which are criminally underrated–freshness is the key) or drinking (very moderately, contrary to the image of a […]

The Future Doesn’t Care

I have seen the future. And it is filled with content. A lot of content. So much content that you’re going to be hard pressed to keep up with much of it, much less all of it. So much art, so much design, so many characters familiar and yet different, so many situations that you’ve […]

SDCC2K7 Day Zero

Returning to San Diego is a little weird. Everything’s a little cooler, muggier (Hibbs was right about that much), and somehow distant. Feels like I haven’t been away, but that’s not the case anymore. I’m just another tourist in a downtown full of tourists. The Chamber of Commerce looks down its nose at us, but […]


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So much for my musings of cons past. Between Moveable Type and my cookies being blown away, I’m not able to log in properly. Which is just as well, as I haven’t had the time to “compose” any thoughts. Maybe I can get this thing working from my portable […]

Oh, it’s that time again.

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SDCC time. Can it really have only been a year ago? I have to say, last year at the Con was pretty much the suck for me personally. Sucking black hole void of suckage. Don’t get me wrong. It was great to see the people I only see […]

Hey, kids! Savage Critics!

The Savage Critic(s) I just hope that Jog will still be able to post on his own blog from time to time. But look at that lineup. Not a chucklehead or nincompoop among them. Well, ‘cept for Graeme, maybe…


Easy. Right there on the shelves at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart To Sell Jesus, Religious Action Figures – Local News Story – WKMG Orlando What was that line about “false idols”? I’m trying to remember…