A kinder, gentler preview

ComicSpace – Murder Moon – Preview One Pages 3-7 of Murder Moon posted on my new site over at Comicspace. I’m hoping to get all of the first chapter up as a preview of the book so folks know what they’re getting in to. We’ll see how that works out, bet that I’d break my […]


By the way, the category “Logos” has nothing to do with corporate emblems, but more the Greek concept of the underlying order beneath the face of nature, beneath even chaos itself. That explains something, I hope. 1) I’ve finally booked my hotel space for SDCC 2007. I haven’t done that since the convention was being […]

You’re all DOOMED

Cover Browser Don’t thank me, thank Mr. Spurgeon. I’ve clicked it, but I’m not exploring it all this afternoon. I’m supposed to be writing.

Monster Planet reviewed – Spoileriffic

Okay, first. If this hadn’t been a Wellington zombie book, I’d have looked right over it on the table. The cover design doesn’t do a single thing to sell the book, whereas ZOMBIE NATION had a compelling image and a much more vivid type treatment. The choice of images doesn’t really do much for me, […]

The Death of Disposability

There’s a lot tied up in this, and it’s going to sprawl, shoggoth-like (shoggothic?) a bit over the landscape. Bear with me. It’s been awhile since I actually tried to order my thoughts on this sort of thing. And after that much time, you get lazy and flabby, gelatinous, even. You poke at your brain […]

Rock on.

Here’s what comics does well. Corey Lewis goes all emo. And psychedelic. Not safe for work, at least if they look close.

Oh yes, please

THE REALIST ARCHIVE PROJECT Courtesy Dirk comes The Realist Archive Project (with not-safe-for-work banner image…might wanna rethink that choice.) The Realist was strangely influential on my teenaged mind (strangely because it wasn’t commonly available and my exposture to it was through an omnibus volume that my dad had picked up long ago.) The Realist is […]


THE BEAT – DC Comics Month-to-month Sales: April 2007 Okay, a quick look at the above, skipping over the bulk of the numbers and right to the 6 month numbers, I’m struck that only thee monthly titles (out of thirty-five surveyed)have shown growth in their sales (according to the numbers given, granted.) And that growth, […]

Just look for the fumigation tent

Can’t miss it. I managed to finagle a day off from watching the munchkins. It happens from time to time. Just that I’m silly and geek enough to take that time off and drive a couple of hours to comic shows. In this case, to the San Jose Super-Con, which takes place in pleasant downtown […]