A World Without Star Wars

Here’s where my age isn’t feeling like a disadvantage. See, I was nine when STAR WARS came out. And I was a full-metal geek at the time, so not only do I remember the world before STAR WARS, but I remember geekery before STAR WARS. No, seriously. […]

Thanks, Dirk

Gone with the Blastwave – Haven’t you heard? Real is brown! Courtesy Journalista, absurdist military postapocalyptic digital humor. You go read now.

I warned you!

SF Zombie Mob I told you that the zombies were just waiting for the right moment to strike. 5/25/07. The dead will walk. Or something.

New art

Thirsty_p02_sample.jpg Originally uploaded by maxwellm.

This is by Carlos Aon, from Estudio Haus in Argentina. This is also the second or third page (can’t recall) from THIRSTY, the second big STRANGEWAYS story. I haven’t officially passed the job along to him yet. What do folks think? He’s certainly different than Luis Guaragña, but I […]

Getting there

Preliminary MURDER MOON cover Originally uploaded by maxwellm.

Here’s the preliminary cover for MURDER MOON, the first STRANGEWAYS collection, featuring all four chapters (originally slated to be published by Speakeasy, remember them?) as well as the bonus story “Lone” and some special bonus pinups (by Guy Davis, Gabriel Moon and Fábio Ba.) Let’s all […]

Oh, man

YouTube – MC5 – Lookin At You (live) 1970 YouTube is gonna kill me. I may as well surrender what little free time I have to scouring up great videos like the above — The MC5 performing a scorching version of “Looking At You” in 1970. This is the real deal, kids.



Fletcher Hanks ABOUT Courtesy Blog@Newsarama, here’s some more Fletcher Hanks goodness. Me? I’m there for the comics that didn’t make it into the collection, but there seems to be some other stuff to take a poke at. Really, you need to read this stuff, and it’s free, FREE! You have nothing to lose but your […]

Never, never

DSCF5318.JPG Originally uploaded by maxwellm.

Never microwave a corn dog for five minutes. The result is smoky and not very pretty.


Ten Things (part 1)

I’ve done that you haven’t. Ready? Go! 1. Flown across the country for a single concert. Granted, this was the Terrastock festival (held in Providence, RI) and it featured literally my favorite music at the time (including the only US performance by Flying Saucer Attack, whose performances in the UK were rare enough as it […]


THE BEAT-Disney Dos and Dont’s Ever wonder if we’re living in a novel written by Dilillo or Pynchon? Wonder no longer! A Hamas-sponsored Mickey Mouse clone exhorts kids to grow up strong and spearhead the revolution. I can’t make this stuff up, but I wish I could. (Nicked from Heidi, because some folks reading this […]