Welcome to Los Angeles

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Remember it like it is, people.

“A Wholesale Murder Plot and They’re Working Fast!”

I went to APE with just a few priorities on my agenda. This is their story. […]

Why Watchmen Works

Inspired by recent discussion, particularly over at Dirk’s blog. (You know, Journalista!, which you’re reading because he delivers the goods in an entertaining fashion on a daily basis.) Why WATCHMEN works: […]

Frozen asparagus

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Because sometimes that’s the only thing that makes sense.

Or maybe it’s because someone twiddled with the fridge when they ought not to have…


Serial or pamphlet – U Decide!

THE BEAT – Is the pamphlet the future of comics? Some interesting thoughts here, and in the comments section that follows. I’ll post some on this once I get the taxes paid and perhaps have a little lunch. — Okay, my debt owed to the state is taken care of. For this year. Sigh. Like […]

There are days where

I really wish I had my scanner hooked up. But it’s downstairs in the garage along with…too many boxes of books and comics and various other sundries that haven’t been unpacked yet. Hey, I can see nearly all the carpet in the new place. That’s a major improvement over the last couple of weeks, lemme […]