Not. Constructive.

The following is a rant. Nothing more, nothing less. There are no great and unrevealed truths being offered, only a passionate restatement of what’s going down, dig? Direct Market comic books are by and large, not written for children. They are written for adolescents of all ages, who seek a smattering of the titillations of […]

Back to work

Dark, But Shining: They Won’t Stay Dead! My first “Conversation: Fear” column for 2007 is up, only about three weeks after promising my last column. This one concerns itself with a recent spate of zombie prose (as opposed to the unending stream of zombie comics of late). And hey, there’s even some good ones in […]

Script to Page

Scryptic Studios – Jason Aaron: The Deluxe Interview – Part 1 As seen on Newsarama’s blog, Jason Aaron of THE OTHER SIDE talks about his work and in particular the script to page process for some of the pages from the first issue of THE OTHER SIDE (art by Cameron Stewart.) I’ve actually wanted to […]