Dark, But Shining – Chinatown: The Monster The above essay was posted a little bit late, somewhat my fault. It’s fallen off of the front page of Dark, but Shining, and I felt that giving it a little link-love here wouldn’t be untoward. Anyways, if you like seeing “non-horror” movies addressing horror, you’d do worse […]

Ninety dollars

DSCF4678.JPG Originally uploaded by maxwellm.

How much is your childhood/adolescence worth? In my case, the part of it that was spent loitering around Tower Records, trying to figure out how I could maximize the transformation of my meagre cash stores into musical escape, was worth about ninety bucks. At least according to the nice […]

A warning

For those of you who think that you’re creating for The Future and aiming at posterity and not the here and now. Found over on Chris Allen’s blog. It’s a nice little bucket of icewater it is.

mystifying oracle If you haven’t seen this yet, you should. Go. Click. Now.

You must click this.

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