Now this is an unholy mash-up

Sturdy and Serviceable – Jon Berger’s WAYS OF SEEING meets Michael Turner’s how-to draw anorexic superwomen lesson from the pages of WIZARD. I read Berger’s book back in the day for a sociology class that stuck with me. Was quite tickled to see it enlivened in this manner.


To all my devoted readers

I ask, is there anyone here who has a record player and wants an odd (to say the least) collection of vinyl? The place I was going to trade them for credit is no longer accepting vinyl trades, at least not before I move. This is a no-cherrypicking deal. All or none. A little more […]

I’m a bad self-promoter

Dark, But Shining – Conversation, Fear: Hope and Sympathy The above rolled out last week. I probably shoulda shouted it from the rooftops then. Whatever. I figure you’re already reading if you are into this sort of thing.

Joyous Equinox

Treefingers.jpg Originally uploaded by maxwellm.

Ah, autumn. Best of all seasons. Where the promises of summer are revealed to be the fertile loam from which winter grows and propers.

Or something like that.

A particularly piquant date for me as I look down the barrel of a move which will take me from my […]

Ragnarok Summer

Against my better judgement, I’m posting the prologue of RAGNAROK SUMMER. I do this with some trepidation. It’s one thing to write scripts for other artists to interpret and bring to life. Quite another to throw nothing but your own words out there. Yeah, I’ve written a hundred thousand bits of nonfiction, but it’s just […]

Train’s a comin’.

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Though in my case you should probably substitute “train” for “impending move of home and family to a place more than 500 miles away.” Sunny San Diego? That’s done, man. That’s yesterday.

NorCal beckons! Probably somewhere in the Sierra Foothills not far from Folsom, California.

Oh what, you […]


Two years and a little more in and I figure that’s that. I’m burned out on comics commentary, both reading and generating the darn stuff. Sure, there’s still writers smart or entertaining enough to sastisfy that jones if it ever comes around again. I can get all the comics news I can stand from Journalista!, […]