I hear a lot, recently, about the “nobody likes a loser” phenomena. Generally, this is applied to folks discussing the top 300 books, and month to month trends. Someone will say “wow, FABULOUSMAN has dropped so many percent in the last few months.” Then people turn around and say “Don’t say that! Don’t point that […]


Sporadic Sequential Geez, took me two months to find out that John Jakala has another blog. Probably gonna be worth reading if his contributions to Grotesque Anatomy and The Low Road are any kind of indication (and I think they likely are.)

A Lego Salvador Dali

DaliLego Originally uploaded by maxwellm.

I’d add text, but it’d be superfluous at best.

I mean, what more do you say than “Lego Salvador Dali”? It’s the alpha and the omega of any conversation.


I loves the draw-offs

Click me to see something…wonderful (NSFW neither) They’re running amok at RAID now. Draw-offs featuring your favorite characters, and some you’d completely forgotten. The above link is Marshall Law by Cameron Stewart, but if you go to the main blog, linked in the first line of this very paragraph, you get extra goodness. Though I’d […]

Linkblogging is lame

YouTube – Broadcast Yourself. At least when you do it lame like I do. But I’m serving up some good stuff, seen on the Isotope’s blog. 10 episodes of an interview with Alan Moore posted on YouTube. If I spent any time there, I’d get less work done than I already do. Which I hardly […]

You know you want to

The Comics Journal: Journalista! Journalista! Returns!

Have I ever mentioned

That I’m allergic to wasp and bee venom? Yeah, well, after reading this, I’ve decided I’m never going to Alabama. Ever. Montgomery – Giant nests perplex experts Wasp nests that take over abandoned cars, abandoned HOUSES. Yeah. Never going to Alabama…

Indie. Cred.

ABC News: Russian Refuses to Accept Math Prize Offered without comment.

Conversation, Fear

Dark, But Shining – Conversation, Fear: A (Slight) Introduction Blame Ken Lowery if you like. Better blame Rick Geerling while you’re at it. Because I have a new, bi-weekly column up at Dark, But Shining entitled Conversation, Fear. I’m mostly going to be talking shop about writing (not that I write stuff that’s all that […]

Look out, atheists!

Action Philosophers! St. Thomas Aquinas gonna get medieval on your ass. Courtesy the spiffy folks at ACTION PHILOSOPHERS.