Did you know that Sean Phillips has a blog?

Sean Phillips I didn’t until sometime this weekend. Now you do! I’ll probably be contributing some longer pieces to Dark, But Shining over the next couple of weeks. Or at least until they discover that I’m faking all of this and toss me to the wolves.

Recent stuff

I actually do read mainstream comics, contrary to popular belief. Here’s a couple worth talking about: BATMAN #655 It must be great to be Grant Morrison, because I can’t see any other writer getting away with what’s required to tell this story. Batman wins the war on crime. The Joker is taken off the board […]


Found this while poking around Guy Gonzalez’ transplanted Comic Book Commentary – Say What?. There’s an interesting collection of links to other articles there, but this one jumped out at me. Comics Shops Turn to Book Distributors for Graphic Novels – 7/18/2006 – Publishers Weekly […]

EATERS – Lettered

Eaters_Lett_01.jpg Originally uploaded by maxwellm.

Threw some temp lettering on the EATERS pages that I posted a few days back. Might make more sense, might make less sense.

Page 2

Page 3

I know, you’re already asking “Why are you wasting time with this genre fiction crap, Matt? Dude, go make some art or […]


Disinformation Clip 2 – Google Video And in continuance of the Grant Morrison video love fest (potentially not legal depending on community standards where you hail from) comes footage of GMo (oh, don’t tell me you didn’t see that coming) at DisInfoCon2000. Courtesy LinkMachineGo!.

A moment in time

Before the Blogger panel. Originally uploaded by BeaucoupKevin.

With Jane Seymour nowhere in sight.

Taken before the blogger panel at SDCC by someone called BeaucoupKevin.

At least I don’t look like like a deer in the headlights there…


Sleestak is wise

Lady, That’s My Skull: Deli Zen Go and read. Succinct genius.


Plush mess Originally uploaded by maxwellm.

Top something-ish special moments from SDCC2K6, as I’ve taken to calling it.

OG Boba Fett hammering everyone in range with his ghetto blaster playing “Trans Europe Express”.

Lee Moder’s hysterical story about how his aunt got peed on by a cranky rhinoceros.

Batman wiping the sweat from […]

Ridgway Strikes!

GreyOrchestra.jpg Originally uploaded by maxwellm.

And, in another one from the vaults, here’s an interview/feature I wrote up about one Stannard Q. Ridgway, better known to most folks as the lead singer/agent provocateur of Wall of Voodoo. Interestingly, he’s touring again under that name, or so I understand.

This one is just about as […]

I was hoping for this – UPDATE

Someone went and video’d the only panel that I’m kicking myself about missing at the Comic Con last week. Yay! EDIT – That someone in question was Elizabeth Genco, writer and bon vivant, spotted at the engine. Though the video was actually shot by Tone Milazzo, who I’d never heard of before this. Credit where […]