betapundit: WWII color guncam footage Here’s something you don’t see every day. Color gun-camera footage taken from WWII, recently declassified. The link I came to this from said it was from P-40s, but I didn’t think that the Warhawk got a lot of use outside of the Pacific Theatre. Anyways, take a look at antique […]

About those May Numbers

ICv2 News – Top 300 Comics Actual–May 2006 There’s the link to the boffo May comics numbers, as posted over at ICV2. Folks are ecstatic about these. 13 of the top 15 titles (ordered) sold more than 100K copies. They moved at least 50K copies of everything in the top 38. 52 occupied 40% of […]

No new updates

I’m too busy reading DEATH NOTE. This is some great stuff, kids. Sure, it ain’t perfect. There’s a lot of talking through the plot, but what a plot it is. And even if I wasn’t reading DEATH NOTE, I should be busy getting story notes together. Anything but blogging.

A quick note

I’m tired of the comment spamming that’s going on here, so I’m just turning off commenting altogether for a time. If you’re moved to say something, then post to your blog or use the mailto link on this page. Yeah, I’m also too lazy to set up comment verification for as few comments as I […]

A smart guy

Talking zombies: Ken Lowery takes on NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and DAWN OF THE DEAD over at Dark, but Shining. Dark, But Shining: Mommy’s Little Monsters Special: Night and Dawn

But I bet it won’t be as fun

as Fanboy Rampage was in it’s heyday. Blog@Newsarama Newsarama starts a blog (more like absorbs The Great Curve) and cherrypicks blogging talent like Graeme McMillian, Kevin Melrose and Michael May. Worth adding to your bookmarks list for quick headlines aside from “BATWOMAN IN LIPSTICK LESBIAN SHOCKER.”