Now this…

Is some crazy, crazy stuff. Basil Wolverton illustrates the apocalypse. Spotted at Tom Peyer’s SUPERFRANKENSTEIN blog, which I’m too damn lazy to link to.


popkiller.jpg Originally uploaded by maxwellm.

Blogging this for no apparent reason other than maybe to throw some visual interest up on this here front page. Taken on Sunset Boulevard, not far from Meltdown Comics and Toy Thai restaurant.


Which One Doesn’t Belong

Royal Academy of Illustration & Design: X-Men! Name two characters that don’t belong in the above-linked image of the X-Men, as drawn by Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod, of the illustrious RAID.

A small modification

To my stance that comics movies don’t sell comics (a long-held and not popular opinion in the age of the Spider-Man and X-Men cinematic outings.) MacGuffin: Moving the Sales Needle Comics themed movies sell comic BOOKS and not monthly comics. Movies help move those big, fat collections off of the shelves. Non comics-readers don’t want […]

What’s new?

Incremental progress on work. Readying a new STRANGEWAYS sample for another comics company, one that most everyone is bound to have heard of. Until the submission is all settled, no continuing work on that particular project. I’m hoping that a resolution will present itself shortly, but it’s largely out of my hands, and there’s not […]

This is mostly for my convenience

City of Tomorrow Not yours, really. Though if you dig “city of the future” sorts of pop culture ephemera, go hog wild. EDIT to add that there’s banner ads that aren’t safe for work or sanity, should you scroll all the way down. But I guess they gotta pay for their bandwidth somehow…



That’s me. You’d think that the announcement of DC: THE NEW FRONTIER in an Absolute edition would have me shouting from the rooftops in glee, given the ration of grief I’ve handed to DC about splitting the story into two softcover volumes for bookstores. You’d think that. And part of me is. Very very happy […]

Sounds like 1986

It ocurred to me this morning that it’s been twenty years (give or take a couple of weeks) since I first encountered WATCHMEN. A long time. Yeesh, a really long time. Half a lifetime (or close enough that I can see it from here.) I remember that I really couldn’t deal with it at first […]

About your host

My name’s Matt Maxwell, a quite nearly perfect secret identity monikker, if ever there was one. I was born in California, between Kennedy’s assassination and the Moon landings, which I can dimly remember seeing on the unsteady and flickering tube of our old Zenith television. Though that may well have been one of the later […]

Hey! Some good news!

Comic Book Resources – CBR News – The Comic Wire THE RED STAR returns this summer! Now this makes me about a billion times happier than the cessation of INFINITE CRISES. I sure hope they pick up some more readers as a result of this. THE RED STAR really was a unique book, with quality […]