Late to the party on this one. That’s me. There is more imagination and verve and power in three pages of Corey “Rey” Lewis’ SHARKNIFE than there is in a hundred INFINITE CRISES. LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH. That is all.

I. Want. One.

Chrysler Air Raid Siren, powered by a 180 horsepower V-8, capable of generating 138 decibels of sound. That’s louder than… well, a lot of stuff, including The Who, circa 1980, who had the loudest rock concert on record at the time, registering 120 decibels near the stage. Back to lurking.

What happens when

you mix guys like Josh Fialkov, Kody Chamberlain, Tony Lee and Chuck BB together? You get something like Creator Direct, which has them all waxing philosophic and rhapsodic about all things great and small. And maybe posting some art, too. Worth a look.

Wet your whistle?

Thirsty – page01 Originally uploaded by maxwellm.

A little STANGEWAYS update for you lovely people while I’m working behind the scenes on getting the book out the door. The art is done on the first book’s worth of material (about 140 pages or so, one long and two short stories). Well, mostly done. There’s […]

Cameron Stewart fans take note.

The Michael Czobit Blog.: A Profile This blog interviews Mr. Stewart as well as gives a quick preview of his Vietnam War-era project for Vertigo, called “The Other Side.” Go give it a look, ’cause you’re not gonna see this stuff on Newsarama, sadly.

Another reason why

THE ENGINE is one of the best messageboards around: […]

The Shadow Knows

Ah, Howard Chaykin’s SHADOW miniseries. How I love thee. When I first picked up the book in 1986, I hadn’t been back in comics long, and the most mature title I’d read at that point was probably something like WONDER WART HOG AND THE NURDS OF NOVEMBER, which was a paperback collection of a bunch […]


To all of you who are swinging by for the first time thanks to a link in this week’s LitG. Traffic has, as they say, kicksploded! I sure wish I had something to keep everyone’s interest. Maybe I’ll talk about the 1986 Howard Chaykin SHADOW miniseries and why it’s a) so damn good and b) […]

Emerald City Beckons to You.

Three hundred sixty-seven point five three three zero two. That’s how many times better the Emerald City Comic con was, as compared to the lackluster Wizard World Los Angeles show a couple of weeks back. This is what happens when you base a comic show around a diverse lineup of guests, give the show a […]