NEWSARAMA – REX MUNDI MOVES FROM IMAGE TO DARK HORSE A quick time out from lettering to congratulate the REX MUNDI team on their jump to Dark Horse and the news of a feature film deal through Dark Horse Entertainment. Not that I hold a lot of hope of that happening given the long shadow […]

Never seen THAT before

Dr. Strange Comics: The Lesser Book of the Vishanti: Contents Compiled by catherine yronwode. Yes, that catherine yronwode. From Eclipse Comics. Never knew she was this much of a Dr. Strange fan. But there you have it. I’m sure if you need something to read while wasting time at work and you’re a Dr. Strange […]

A little birdie told me

That Paul Pope’s BATMAN: YEAR 100 #1 and #2 (out last week) are going back to press. This is certainly welcome news, as it means more folks are demanding one of the year’s best comics. I’m figuring that the book was originally ordered as a Paul Pope title and not as a Paul Pope BATMAN […]

My big problem

With DC’s One Year Later event. It’s reliance on cheap mystery to engage the reader. Want to know who the new Catwoman is and how Selina Kyle found herself in a delicate condition? Want to know how Superman lost his powers? Want to know why Green Arrow is in office? Well then you want to […]


Secret Headquarters James Jean will be appearing at the lovely and wonderful Secret Headquarters in Silverlake (that’s in Los Angeles, CA y’all) on Friday, April 7th. Why do I exclaim “Bastardo!”? Because I won’t be able to go. I’ll be in Seattle instead. Stupid Seattle. Looks to be a fun little event, though. Including an […]

Wizard World LA

Short form: Lame. Medium form: Relocating from Long Beach was a bad idea (nothing to do outside the convention center at all). Guest list didn’t hold a lot of interest for me (all of their big names come to every west coast show anyways). Artist’s Alley was half-deserted (there were still some standouts, but it […]

Still smiling and waving

Broken Frontier | The Portal for Quality Comics Coverage! As the Titanic goes down… Finally, here’s part 2 of the interview I did with Broken Frontier, a couple weeks before Speakeasy threw in the towel. Neither “oddly prescient” nor “ironic.” Give it a read, won’t you?


Ziggy played…

…the BIPLANE? found_objects: david bowie… COMICS?! I can’t even describe the joyous awfulness that this is. David Bowie comics, substandard to even the ROCK AND ROLL COMICS of the late 80s. I mean, real bad. But joyously bad.

Greetings from the void


I am about to tell you something that may be the most important thing anyone ever tells you about the writing biz. No guff. Ready? Here it is. There is no competition. I say this for two reasons.

Yeah, I’ve been away, and I’ll be away for […]