Me me!

I tried to resist. Honestly, I did. All due credit to Dorian for starting this. And I bet he didn’t even mean to.


So, this week’s comics, which were available today and not tomorrow like I previously thought. Infinite Crisis #4 I want a shock. A surprise. I know, I’m probably looking in the wrong place. Though I get a chuckle out of the whole Crispus becomes the Spectre scene. Mostly because I saw it coming like three […]


Sean Collins tags me with a particularly virulent meme. Could be trouble… ONE (1) earliest film-related memory: Seeing the Disney version of ROBIN HOOD at a drive-in theatre in Orange, CA. Probably the last time I’ve been to a drive-in, too. TWO (2) favourite lines from movies: Lines are so easy. Putting together a whole […]

Adventures in the Negative Zone

There are days during which it’s difficult if not impossible to operate with a positive mental attitude. This is one of those days. I won’t miss it when it’s gone. Not one bit.

The Hegemony Will NOT be Televised

Globetechnology: Wired up, plugged in, zoned out Courtesy The Beat comes the above story. I’ll comment on some of it below (picking and choosing my battles carefully, much in reflection of the piece’s thesis.) Hey, that last part rhymes! Anyways. Here’s the main thesis, if you don’t want to run through the whole thing. “Welcome […]

Zero sum game

This was the last of my “Hard Knocks” columns written up for the Isotope Lounge before it got obliterated by hackers or whatever actually happened to it. I’ve got most of them backed up, but this one stood out for some reason. Obviously it was written before I pulled the plug on the Speakeasy deal, […]

Doing the solicit thing – DC

I haven’t done this in awhile, so why the heck not? Now, I’m not going to be going through title by title. No way. I’ll pick on things worthy of note from my own little corner of the peanut gallery. Shall we? I love how ALL STAR BATMAN is the first book solicited, as if […]

Conversions are our specialty

Ken Lowery Presents: Ringwood Ken asks how we might magically change non-comics readers into comics readers in one fell swoop. Okay, he didn’t really ask that, but he talked about some books that he’s had some success with. Some of the titles he comes up with: Transmetropolitan The Authority (first two vols) The Filth Y: […]

Aqua Leung!

Image Comics :: View topic – Aqua Leung Is Coming! Aqua Leung is an upcoming project from Mark Andrew Smith, of AMAZING JOY BUZZARDS fame. He’s posted some preview images and script pages up at the AJB forum on the Image boards. Do go check them out. They look great in B/W. Should be interesting […]

Fully Bled

The moment that you’ve all been waiting for, I’m sure. The Full Bleed archives are now back, hosted on this here blog. I’m only going to post this page once (though I’ll keep a link to it on my sidebar) so that you can spin all those golden oldies one more time and laugh at […]