We sail tonight for Singapore, We’re all as mad as hatters here. Courtesy Tom Waits and his singular album Rain Dogs, which I always find myself fishing out this time of year, prodded by the featureless gray sky and insistent drizzle of the season. Yes, there is a rainy season in Southern California. That’s how […]

Happy new year from Sedona, Arizona.

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I’ve been *gasp* enjoying the holidays instead of blogging. Well, as enjoying them as much as I can when on the same day my son split his chin open running on the hardwood floors and then both of my parents being felled by the stomach flu. That wasn’t […]

The future is…

…BODY BAGS? NEWSARAMA – 12 GAUGE, VIDEOTVISION TAKE BOBY BAGS TO iTUNES Running headlong into the future, BODY BAGS makes the leap to iPod comics with its first episode “Father’s Day.” I’m not really a fan of the material, but I was interested in checking out the execution. And like most video comics, it’s no […]

Merry Christmas

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From Sedona, Arizona. That was the view at about 7:45 am from the big window in my folks’ home, taken with my shiny new camera, that’s only about as big as a deck of cards. Good for sneaking shots in places where you ought not to be taking pictures.


Let’s be real

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My schedule didn’t allow for me to post a special double-sized 100th anniversary post on the Solstice, and it’s unlikely I’ll be able to get a real post up before Christmas, since I’ll be on the road tomorrow, and really should be packing and wrapping presents right […]

Number 99

Happy freakin’ Solstice. The flu being passed around has made sure of that. Between that and getting ready to head out of town (not to mention shopping for presents), blogging (or writing time at all) has been zero. There’s been a number of things that I’ve wanted to talk about, but they’ve all been relegated […]

Uh… Just, “uh…”

Park Cooper and Barb Lien Cooper: The Park & Barb Show –Black and white comics. Only the clean, pure lines of manga can still do this. It’s getting increasingly hard for anything that isn’t manga to go into print without color. From the latest issue of the Park and Barb show. I’m grumpy and not […]


NEWSARAMA – 2006 EISNER JUDGES NAMED Turns out one of the Eisner judges for 2006 is the owner of the comic shop I go to regularly. Robert (as in Robert Scott of Comickaze) is a sharp guy, and we don’t always agree on stuff, but he certainly deserves congratulations for the accolade, and the solemn […]

What I used to do for a living

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You may not know it, but I was a professional digital modeller/animator for a time. No, really. In lieu of real content, enjoy some of the stuff that helped land me a job in scenic Hollywood.

It was simultaneously great and not all that it was cracked up to […]

This looks amazingly great

NEWSARAMA.COM: DELSANTE & HASPIEL ON FALLOUT Why is it the backup feature? I’d buy 22 pages of this in a second. Dean Haspiel needs his own whole book to run amok in. That is all.