You can’t buy publicity like this


Personal to the Amazing Joy Buzzards Crew

It’s “Kashimir”, not “cashmere.” One is an unspeakably soft fabric for the construction of sweaters. The other is a mountainous region between India and Pakistan (I think.) One is soft like yeti fur, the other is the place where yetis make their home. One is a Led Zeppelin tune, the other is best known for […]

Now I’m not Saying it’s 100%

But it’s not a total waste of time in terms of finding new music, either. Discover Music – Pandora. Basically, you punch in the name of a beloved band, and Pandora uses black magic and voodoo to come up with other bands that you may or may not like. And if you don’t like a […]

Crisis of Finite Claypools

I’m probably not going to make any friends with the following, but here goes. Claypool Comics is in potential trouble, as evidenced by this link: MILE HIGH COMICS presents THE BEAT at Claypool threatened by Diamond policy. Basically, some of their books are not going to make the new thresholds established by Diamond for […]

Strangeways news

So, remember when I said that it was going to hit November 30th? Well, that was before I found out that Speakeasy was going with Lamppost printing for their books. I’d heard the news about Lamppost dumping all but Alias books and felt bad about it, but didn’t figure it affected me directly, because as […]

Funny that

It’d be Bill Messner-Loebs that got me blogging again. Welcome to Heaven, Dr. Franklin press release, which you can read over at Nat Gertler’s About Comics website. The book looks intriguing to me, but then I’m a sucker for non-dogmatic views of Heaven. As for the absence, well, stuff like that happens. Particularly when one […]

For those of you who missed it

The first time it was available a couple years back, Rock ‘n’ Roll by Fábio Moon, Gabriel Bá, Bruno D’Angelo and Kako, is going to be available in the states again, courtesy Image. There’s a preview at the following link, and you really oughta take a look at this gorgeous stuff Moon on the […]

Grotesque self-aggrandizement?

Or very real opportunity to get comics into the hands of people who by and large are completely ignored by the DM as a whole? 50 CENT & G-UNIT COMIC BOOK STARS I’m not all that wild about Mr. Cent or his associate Mr. Unit, but this could be a big thing, assuming that […]

DC RRP 411

NEWSARAMA – DC NEWS FROM THE RRP MEETING I’m a little slow on this. But then I’ve been a little slow on everything this past week, haven’t I? Between dadding and getting Strangeways #2 lettered/prepped, it’s been a week. As for the info in the above link, let’s take a little look. Wildstorm will be […]

November 30th

01_Cover_RGB.jpg Originally uploaded by maxwellm.

That’s when you can look for this cover at the shelves of your local funnybook emporium and get your hands on all 22 pages of thrills and chills, plus bonus features to astound and dazzle (and help make you feel like your twenty bits–that’s two dollars fifty–have been well […]