Celebrating Halloween in World of Warcraft

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I’ll write up something more about this later, but here’s a shot of my character standing dangerously close to the Wicker Man being burned to celebrate Hallow’s End in the online game/time vampire World of Warcraft. Or I can start writing it now while I’m waiting for trick-or-treaters and […]

Just to show

That I haven’t entirely disappeared, here’s a little thing I did for Dark, But Shining a little while ago. Posted now for your reading pleasure. No, it’s not a usual Halloween pick. But that’s okay. And I owe Sean a response, but I haven’t had time to write one up. Besides, what I’d have to […]

I’ll tell you why I’m not excited

About this whole Stephen King thing. And frankly, why I’m not excited about any big-name author coming in and writing books for the major publishers. Hell, about the only franchise character/author I’d be up in arms about would be Harry Potter (and that’s not going to happen, as JK Rowling has gone on the record […]

Nick’s Cafe

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In Dogtown, not far from downtown LA, just across to the wrong side of the tracks, quite literally. As I understand it, Nick’s was started/is owned by an ex-LAPD homicide cop and is only open for breakfast and lunch. I don’t think they’re open after dark, though it would […]

Stuff I’ve Dug

Lately. Seven Soldiers: Klarion Okay, I’ve mostly dug this, particularly due to Frazier Irving’s stupendous artwork, which is both spooky and children’s-book sing-song-y in a way that nobody else’s is. I do kinda wonder where the whole Klarion and Kitty merge into GIANT TERMINATOR DEMON MONSTER came from. Seems like they dropped a page or […]

If he’s right

Then Rich Johnston has just made me a very happy man. Word is that there will be a second Seaguy miniseries, that being the hinted at “Seaguy and the Wasps of Atlantis.” Which would make me cackle with glee. Positively cackle! Back to page layout… EDIT – Cameron Stewart himself has shot this one down, […]

Thrill Power!

FT – The Brown Wedge Tom from Freaky Trigger (and also I Love Comics) writes about the idea of Thrill Power in pop culture. Give it a read. Though I’ll note that I’ve got examples which don’t jibe with his, and that a lot of Thrill Power can be chalked up to newness and shinyness […]

You know what I want to see?

I want to see a new Batman movie. Not a sequel to Batman Begins, though. Not an adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, either. I want to see a movie shot off of All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder. I’m not joking here. I think it would be genius and would cause the […]

Strangeways forum established

Speakeasy Comics :: View Forum – Strangeways Click on the above link and you will be brought to the Strangeways forum at Speakeasy Comics. No expense has been spared in bringing you the finest comics chatter experience imaginable! See the Whirling Dervishes! Smell the countless bossoms delicately plucked a thousand hands in a thousand lands! […]

Just to give you an idea

Of what I think a fun birthday haul is:

Pictures that Tick by Dave McKean, purchased direct from Allen Spiegel Fine Arts awhile back. Meeting People is Easy – A film by Grant Lee about Radiohead Replay – Bark Psychosis Heroes – David Bowie Comets on Fire – Comets on Fire Acid Mothers Temple and […]