Joe Quesada speaks at Megacon. Quotes shamelessly lifted from the report filed at CBR, which you should read first before coming back to my vented spleen. Reprinted without permission, and they’re well within their rights to ask me to take the whole thing down, as it’s way past fair use. Mr. Quesada’s comments are in […]

Lost Control

So my iPod wasn’t working. That meant I was in a relatively foul mood. Well, it actually was working, but I couldn’t find the little transmitter that let it work with my car radio. All this meant that I was left to the tender mercies of various programming directors of various Southern California radio stations […]

The Glamour!

Last year, I attended Wondercon in San Francisco as a respected member of an comics news site, thus getting me in for free. I didn’t feel anything like a pro or industry member. I wandered about, pingponging and kind of aimless. This year, I coughed up the entrance fee, had no affiliation with any site […]