Before Vertigo Walked the Earth

I bet I’ve used that title line before, actually. Oh well, the classics never lose their lustre. There was indeed a time, before Vertigo was a twinkle in Karen Berger’s eye, that most of the (good) weird, crazy stuff we associate with the imprint was actually part and parcel of the post-Crisis DC Universe. Animal […]

Happy Birthday, Uncle Lar

Which is today. One day shy of mine (and four years, if you want the full count.) At least *someone* in der Blogosphere is older than me, though you’d be hard-pressed to find more. But hey, it puts me right in the middle of the Big Two’s current target market. Too bad, as a rule, […]


Joe Quesada sits down with Newsarama and talks about his tenure as EiC at Marvel. Let’s see what we can spin and how we can twist his words, shall we? “The honest truth is that I feel that comics have achieved a level of quality and greatness that we have never achieved before and I’m […]

Thoughts on the New Frontier

Hmm. This is likely to be a disorganized and messy affair. Quite unlike the book in question, which was painstakingly paced and plotted. True that some commentators complained that the first issues were simply unconnected vignettes, but that’s one of the risks that you run when you read your fiction serially. It’s very tough (and […]