The hum of a million keyboards

Over at Comics 212, Christopher Butcher grapples with the most fundamental question about online comics journalism: “Why?” He states, in reply to a customer who’s going to start up a pop-culture/comics website: “All through his description of what he was talking about, I couldn’t think of anything other than “Why bother?” To which I’d reply […]

Adventures in Comics

So, I found this while researching the following. Researching. So pompous. I was checking an issue number. For a comic book. This is not research. And it turns out that I was one off. How embarassing. For a long time, my father worked for the Los Angeles Times, both in LA and in my native […]

Coevolution (II)

So, should I spring the surprise on you now or make you read to the end to find out?

It’s not that much of a surprise, is it? No, I didn’t think so, either. You’ve already figured it out. You’re smart cookies, and given the overwhelming scent of finality (or rather, penultimateness) from last week’s […]

Coevolution (I)

Coevolution. Awhile ago on my blog (yes, I have a comics blog, after succumbing to the relentless peer pressure involved) I said something like the following, in response to Brian Michael Bendis saying that, in effect, comics characters belong to the fans:

Unfortunately, this is flatly untrue. The characters, on both Marvel and DC’s side, […]

The Illusion of Control

As a writer, I used to be of the firm and unshakable opinion that the Marvel style of scripting was bunk. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it boils down to a writer giving a synopsis of the story to the artist, who then paced things out visually without dialogue. Then […]

Looks like we found us a nerve, boys

Over at Fanboy Rampage, you’ll find the state of the art in discussion of kid’s comics in the industry. This sparked off by the Michael Chabon keynote speech at this year’s Eisner awards. I’ve seen a lot of threads over at Fanboy Rampage. But I’ve never seen one grow so large so fast. Well, beats […]

It’s a very, very Mad-Bomb.

Challenge…accepted Finally, that is. Weeks ago Joe Rybandt issued “The Madbomb Challenge”, exhorting online reviewers to dig into the freshly-(re)printed Captain America: Madbomb collection. Originally published in 1976, “Madbomb” featured the return of Jack Kirby to the character he helped create. I’m not historian enough to know how this was received back in the day, […]