Brian Hibbs: Windmill Tilter

Brian Hibbs tells it like he sees it in the latest installment of Tilting at Windmills over at Newsarama. This week, it’s all about taking a dump in the pantry, or something like it. In it, there’s a call for greater communication between the comics companies and the retailers who sell them (remember, folks, the […]

I’m a Sad Monkey

Not crying sad. Pathetic sad. So, there I am with my kids in the local Toys BackwardsR Us yesterday, ostensibly to buy a frisbee (don’t ask how the first one broke). I’m ready to leave, when I pass something on an end cap that catches my eye. Comic books. Marvel comic books. A bunch of […]

As promised

As promised, here’s my take on ICV2’s recent interview with Marvel Publisher, Dan Buckley. All credit to them for actually doing the work and making it easy for me. Go give ‘em some hits. Right off the bat, Buckley states that things are moving upwards in the market, even as people adjust to the change […]

Slouching Towards a Canon

As a former (okay, lapsed) English major, I’m always interested in the process of canonization. Not sainthood, though I guess it’s close. I’m talking about canonization in terms of what works get added to the canon of a particular medium. What’s a canon, you ask? Well, typically a canon (as defined in the American Heritage […]

Not so useful

Imagine Mr. A’s b/w calling card right here. Just haven’t uploaded the image. I have to say that I’m more than a little dumbstruck by the polarization I’m seeing going on in the vast majority of online comics culture today. Pick a topic and watch folks line up eagerly on either side of it. And […]

Oh Seaguy, My Seaguy!

Oh Seaguy, my Seaguy! Show of hands. How many people read Seaguy? Seven…eight…nine… Okay, that’s a relatively poor showing. What’s the deal here? Read the first issue and were scared off by it’s deceiving simplicity? Was it the lack of mutant superheroes? It was Chubby, wasn’t it? You couldn’t wrap your head around a floating, […]