SDCC 2004

Now Don’t Hold Your Breath… Ah, the rituals of Summer. The driving, the parking, the walking of many blocks of sidewalk before the walking of many blocks inside the convention center. The looking up panels and scanning of name badges. The queues for autographs and swag and the costumes, oh yes, the costumes. Once again, […]

Surviving San Diego

Surviving San Diego So, you want to make it through San Diego Comic Con ’04 with your sanity and health intact? Let’s go through some simple ground rules, shall we? 1) Footwear. Comfortable footwear that provides ample arch support is a must. Those floors look like soft, cushy carpet, but they’re really only 1/8th of […]

Nothing to do with comics

Well, maybe a little. But only tangentially. Five years ago today I started the only actual job I ever loved, that of being a digital animator up in the looney-bin known as Hollywood. Okay, North Hollywood, so it was actually in the Valley and hence not Hollywood, but a close approximation. I learned quite a […]

Original art rules!

Why I read comics.

Well, superhero comics, anyways.

Boy, scanning double page spreads is something of a pain. Anyways, the above, for folks who can’t identify it, is the titanic, yea, apocalyptic battle with the Anti-Dad, as depicted in issue #1 of Seaguy (by Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart doncha know). I was blown […]

Good Old Days?

They Don’t Call ‘em the “Good Old Days” for Nothing. How often have you heard the following: “Gee, if only comics (and by this, I tend to mean ‘mainstream superhero comics’) could be written like they were in the 1960s all over again. Everything would be great.” Well, not necessarily. Sure, there were lots of […]


What I’ve Been Reading, part the current So, this is the time where I plunge into the box of recently read stuff and talk about some of it. There’s not gonna be much rhyme or reason, so bear with me. First out of the gate is Hard Time, by Steve Gerber and Brian Hurtt. I’ve […]