Momentarily Manga

Your Manga Minute Today So, uh, manga. I’ve started reading some, and it’s a mixed bag to be sure. Let’s make one thing clear, though. Most manga, based on its trade dress (which gives Greg Horn a run for his money the fetishization department) makes me want to run away screaming at the top of […]

Cover Me

Yeah, I know. Real original title. ‘Cause it’s a column about comics covers, get it? Hardeeharhar. I’m prompted to write this after reading James Sime’s (always informative and readable) latest Comics Pimp (over at Comic Book Resources, doncha know?) and after a barrage of covers that John Jakala posted over at his blog, Grotesque Anatomy. […]

Hey! Why Don’t I Have a Column?

“How come you get a column and I don’t?” Ah, yes. The most touchable of touchy subjects. Exactly from what does my purported authority on the field of comics spring? Why is it that I get to spout my opinions every week and expect you lot to listen and pay attention? Why is it that […]

All Grant

All the Time… Well, after a dreadfully slow comics news week, we finally get a bit of it out of Bristol (and I suppose some from Pittsburgh.) I suppose that a tip of the hat is in order for Mr. Rich Johnston, who makes it his business to get this out to the folks who […]