Inner workings

Nuts and Bolts Apparently, I’m psychic. After asking about Doom Patrol and Defenders trades last week, I’m rewarded by news from Wizard World that both of those are now on the slate. Of course, I’d be happier if it were an announcement of all the Steve Gerber Defenders and all of Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol, […]


Bear with me, folks. My daughter got me up at 4am and I just haven’t been right since. Too bad that this is the day that I have to write my column, isn’t it? Oh well. Can’t win ‘em all. So this week we’re going to get something a little different. Both sleep-deprived and caffeine-fueled, […]

Flight plan

Things to Read in Airports Yeah, I know. Last week was all about my travels to Wondercon I don’t need to rehash it a second time. Don’t worry. Instead, I’m gonna talk about what I read on the way up there. If you checked in last week, you might remember that I mentioned ‘em. Spoilers […]

Wondercon 2004

And Awaaaayyy We Go! Have I mentioned that I’m spoiled by years and years of San Diego Comicon attendance? I am. Every convention I’ve been to aside from that one has seemed small. This isn’t a bad thing. There’s such a thing as too big. San Diego is verging on that. I say that it […]