Who Do You Think You’re Fooling?

I know for a fact that Los Angeles and Long Beach are two completely different cities. They do happen to be in the same state, and they even share border, and yes, they’re both in Los Angeles County. But they are not the same city. But I guess “Wizard World Long Beach” just doesn’t have […]

The Last Marvel Comic

I’ll Ever Buy Guesses, anyone? Anyone care to wager on the title and number? Anyone at all? You, sir, you in the back. You look as if you’ve got a touch of the second sight in you. Care to give it a whirl? “New X-Men. Number 154.”


Ultimate Bad Girl

No, I haven’t decided to wholeheartedly (or even halfheartedly) embrace the Greg Horn/Jim Balent aesthetic. I know. You’re all very disappointed in me. The subject of this week’s submission is a wonderful, difficult, infuriating and provocative miniseries, that being Elektra: Assassin. Put out by Epic Comics (it wasn’t always a running joke) in 1986, Elektra […]

New Frontier

No Donald Fagen Quotes Today Get it? It’s a column about The New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke and Donald Fagen had a solo hit with a song of the same name and… Ah, forget it. It wasn’t that funny anyways. So let’s see. If you’re not a fan of the DC heroes, stop reading now. […]