And the Fun Continues

And the fun continues Part 2 of your survival guide to NuNu Marvel. Asked about the publicity that Marvel comics received over the last month or so, Mr. Quesada had the following to say. Funny, as I remember it, there was a fair amount of press over those three #1 movies. That was last year […]

Survival Guide

State of the Union or Your Survival Guide to NuNu Marvel Being it’s the day that the State of the Union address is set to be delivered, I’d come up with this big allegory/metaphor and was going to go all litereary on you. But it’s proving to be a trying enough day as it is, […]


People often ask me, “What’s your favorite comic?” From now on, well, at least until I get bored of it, I’m going to reply “Jimmy Olsen Adventures, thanks for asking.” That’s right. Jimmy freaking Olsen adventures. You heard me.


Without Words

So this Christmas, I made out like a bandit. A bandit, I tell you. I must have been pretty good this year (I know, shocker), as I found myself laden down with all manner of comic book goodness. To reprint the entire list would be classless, not to mention tacky. However, I will call out […]

2004 Resolutions

Hmm. So it’s the end of the old year. In theory, this column will be going up on the first day of 2004 (assuming that the BF staff aren’t out like regular humans and having a good time, as opposed to myself who’s just as likely to be bouncing a baby and trying to stay […]