Home Cookin’

Probably not the best title for this week’s submission, but entirely appropriate. I spent Sunday glued to the television, after driving out for breakfast. Before said drive, I was commenting on an odd cloud formation, low to the ground and dark, wondering what happened to that fogbank. My wife said “It’s smoke from a fire.” […]

Ultimate Marvel

Has it been a week already? Sheesh. Seems like just yesterday I was a shivering and helpless lump on the couch, barely able to turn the pages on whatever I was reading at the time. Good thing that I have a perfectly normal healing factor to get me back on my feet. So, what should […]


Not the Comics Guy… Okay, here’s the deal. I’m home sick. Usually I’m home writing, but today I’m sitting at the keyboard with a splitting headache and chills (though not so bad as last night.) But I’m here for you, gentle reader. I’m braving viruses and painkillers and the very real chance of a hypoglycemic […]

Now what is it?

So yeah, I’m supposed to write something right about now. Generally it isn’t much of a problem to come up with something to write about. I mean, take last week. Column practically wrote itself after looking at that picture once, really. And there was only a minor scare that the picture was a hoax. That […]

That ain’t no Catwoman I know

I hope the rights cost an arm and a leg. Okay, you’ve seen it already, I’ll bet. It’s been plastered across a number of websites (the first of which was comicbookmovies.com) but I’ve seen it in a number of other sites, or links to it. I’m going to include the image here, as well as […]