Guess I really shouldn’t be surprised by the lack of curiosity aroused by last week’s mention of the SEEKRIT PROJEKT. The only nibble I got out of anyone was from the guy who edits the column (and he was only curious because I took so damn long to finish it and why, for a change, […]

All Killa, Na…

Filler. Or not, as the case may be. I know that as longtime readers of Full Bleed, you’ve become accustomed to monolithic columns dealing with a single subject and sometimes beating that subject to a pulp. Not so this week. This week, I’m going to beat upon several subjects and check out their pulp-ability, as […]

Goon Love

No. It’s not what it sounds like. Geez, everyone’s mind is in the gutter these days. I’m talking about The Goon by Eric Powell, published by Dark Horse comics. What? You aren’t reading it? How can you possibly live with yourself, haunted by the fact that you’re not reading one of the best comics that’s […]

Dollar Discoveries

Dollar Discoveries, part 1 So, I must admit that I’m a tad disappointed in the lack of folks coming forth to offer examples of recent Marvel Comics greatness. Maybe I’m just too intimidating. Maybe I ought to bathe more often. Could be both. Either way, folks are welcome to swing by the Full Bleed message […]