Why I Love Marvel Comics

Ah, the Caymans were lovely. A veritable paradise upon this lowly earth, a paradise of warm white sand and crystalline waters that make a million promises and keep them all. Dining upon the local fish, served with pineapple chutney and washed down with ginger beer; truly an experience that everyone should experience at least once. […]

Deliberate Provocation

Sorry if this column seems a tad more frantic and scattered than usual. I just spent the better part of the day prodding my computer into an utter and complete nervous breakdown. Luckily the only thing I really lost was time, and I’m trying to make it up by writing this at an hour which […]

Spirit of ’86

Ah, nostalgia. The sweet, heady aroma of that which mines our youth in an attempt to sell us what we’ve already tasted. How it drifts on the air like popcorn or cotton candy, or the song of distant carousels. How vulnerable we are to its wiles, as our once-youth begins to sag a little more […]