The Transmigration of Flex Mentallo

“It’s not death. It’s something new.” – Lord Limbo

Okay. Who here’s read Flex Mentallo?

I see a couple of hands. That’s good. Just for the record, I’d have answered ‘no’ until about a week ago. A few of you look confused and a little hesitant. Don’t worry about it. There’s no pop quiz. None […]

Epic Speaks

Okay. I know. Stephanie Moore, who’s much more the public face of Epic just gave an interview over at Newsarama. I heard that just as I was finishing this interview with Teresa Focarile, an Associate Editor with the Epic line. Yeah, these things happen. It’s not like this was a big story or anything like […]

Clear Cut

(or “Selling Marvel by the Pound”) So, the sky is falling, yeah? The House of Ideas is looking more like a House of Cards, pasteboards stacked up as far as the eye can see, climbing to the stratosphere and beyond. Though it reaches to Olympian heights, its foundation is nothing more than carefully laid jokers […]