Absolutely Extraordinary

You know, there’s a lot going on in comics right now. Lots of folks getting all worked up about changing creative teams and “who’s gonna save comics?” kinda talk. Not that this sort of thing isn’t entertaining. Of course it is. Beats the hell out of working. Makes you feel pretty smart and important quarterbacking […]

Brubaker Speaks

Hey there folks. I didn’t even get a chance to hype this last week (mostly because I didn’t think that it’d come off so quickly) but this week’s Full Bleed (#2 by my reckoning) features an interview with one of the better writers in contemporary comics. Right now Ed Brubaker is not only writing three […]

Full Bleed

Well, this is certainly a surprise. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. But it does come as sort of a shock. One week I’m just the fill-in guy. Three days later, the Powers that Be have decided that giving me a column would be a good idea. A few weeks ago, I thought it was. […]

Mystery Guest Columnist Revealed!

Hey there folks. Graeme’s out this week. Something about going to Hawaii with the pension fund or something like that. Just kidding. He couldn’t find anything to complain about, so he’s asked me to step into his shoes. Who am I? Good question. Glad you asked. I’ll get back to that later. Maybe. This week’s […]

SDCC 2003

San Diego, 2003. Where does one start? Probably trying to park. That’s as good as place as any. And in San Diego, it means a couple of things. One, that you’re going to pay through the nose ($12 on Thursday, $15 on Friday, $20 on Saturday plus another $10 to park that night and $15 […]