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FOG-Con 2014

Ah, one of my infamous travelogues/con reports. It’s been a little while.

FOG-Con 2014

I’m still pretty new at science fiction/fantasy shows (as opposed to comic shows, which were old hat for me in 1990 and 2008 as an exhibitor). Still getting used to things. Still figuring out how to talk to […]

FOG-Con/Orinda/High Scores Arcade Museum

Galaga – Taken at High Scores Arcade Museum in Alameda, CA.

Spent last weekend at FOG-Con in Walnut Creek. Show went well. More details later, just getting this up now to remind me that I need to say something about it. Spent a lot of off-time taking pictures around Orinda, Alameda and in San […]

Never Enough

I know. I don’t post here enough.

What I really want is a Tumblr front end for my own WP blog. I should look into that.

Anyways, now that I’m here, I should probably fill you folks in on what’s been going on.

1) Surgery. Minor surgery but a major inconvenience for the last month […]

The apocalypse will be unexpectedly boring?

Taken from “Crunch Time”, which you can buy for only .99, alongside 200 more pages of reading (including an extended preview of the upcoming science fiction novel BLUE HIGHWAY). Get it right here.

“I pointed out the window, even though the parking lot was largely empty now, but for some scattered trash and newspapers. No […]

HIGHWAY 62 REVISITED available now.

HIGHWAY 62 REVISITED available on the Kindle now. 1200 pages of commentary and writing on comics, music and horror by writer Matt Maxwell. […]

Interview with artist John Coulthart, from 2010


Originally posted in 2010. I don’t even say anything mean about steampunk in it. That’s how old it is.

Lovecraft is a hard act to follow, and an even harder one to adapt. “Oh you mean HP Lovecraft, the guy who came up with Cthulhu and all those cute little plush toys.” […]

Why are you reading this?

Seriously. I’m blogging over on tumblr by and large, and not here. Here’s the link.

I may occasionally post longform stuff here, but likely not for some time.

Highway 62 Revisited

aka Highway 62 resumes tumblr service.


Right now it’s a research repository for THE GLASS DIAMOND, which I may start to write next year, not sure yet. Still, interesting even if you’re just looking for something out of the ordinary.

FULL BLEED breaks a promise

Hey, I got rooked too. I thought that this new DC thing was actually something. Full reboot. Death to continuity. Start it all over without a debt record. Go all Tyler Durden on that backstory. Well, as it turns out, not so much. […]