Tentatively serial

There’s a visual pun here, but I’ll let you figure it out. Right. This week. Busy one. Getting ready for Emerald City Comic-Con coming up next week, and I’ve got a number of things to get done before that. First off is a story called “Chunked” which just went out to an anthology, though I […]

Yeah, I know

No weekly update yet. Maybe this afternoon. Between rewriting RAGNAROK SUMMER and a new STRANGEWAYS story and the churn of anthology submissions, there hasn’t been time.


  Being the update for March 11, 2015   I never know where to start these. Probably because I’m still struggling with doing these updates for people who may or may not be reading these. I mean, I already know what happened and where I’m wandering to next. Mostly. For instance, I managed to wander […]


So, went to a writing exercise session at the convention I attended last week. Here’s what came out of it. Frankly, it’s a miracle there’s anything here. Friday was not a good day for a number of things that aren’t fodder for discussion here. But still I went and worked. Each of these were delivered […]


Take me on an airplane ride… Last week I did a quick trawl of Duotrope, which is a thing that I do now, and still seems odd to type, but if you’re at my level of professional writing, you know what it is, I’m sure. So I do a trawl, and find that there’s an […]

Late February update

So, this week. Anything that I thought I’d be doing hasn’t really gotten done. I’ve more or less started a new job so writing gets put back on a shelf it hasn’t been for some time, that being the back shelf. Stuff will still be happening, but reality makes demands. And no, I won’t be […]

The week updated Feb 18 2015

Last week was something of a struggle. I’ll chalk it up to a short week for the kids at school and other nagging outside stuff that I have zero control over but has a major degree of control over me and let’s leave it at that Did two things I haven’t done in a long […]

Update Feb 10 2015

  Yeah, I missed yesterday sorry. Actual deadlines and a bunch of frenzied work on the main page of my website (that being highway-62.com) kept me from doing any updates. But hey, paying work before that which does not pay. Blogging sure doesn’t. (But then neither does my writing, he said as he looked over […]

02 February 15 – Rainbow Scales

Trying to keep up with regular posting. Also trying to make it a habit to include some visual stimuli (almost always taken from my own photos because c’mon, this isn’t hard) to fire multiple brain lobes. The above taken in The Serpentarium in Lodi, CA a couple weeks back. Work continues on revising “Chunked” and […]

2015 Missive

  Hey there. First in a regular series, attempting weekly-ish updates of all happenings at Highway 62 Central. Oh, why doughnuts? Does anyone really in their heart of hearts not like doughnuts? That’s why. So, 2015 begins with me not having my regular long-term/freelance gig going. If anyone out there reading this wants me to […]