I didn’t come up with that phrase. Neko Case did. She’s a better writer than she’ll ever get credit for. At least I assume that. I don’t read record reviews or thinkpieces, though I’ve been known to read histories (oral and otherwise).

I mean, she wrote the line “I wanted so badly not to […]

Tentatively serial

There’s a visual pun here, but I’ll let you figure it out.

Right. This week. Busy one. Getting ready for Emerald City Comic-Con coming up next week, and I’ve got a number of things to get done before that.

First off is a story called “Chunked” which just went out to an anthology, though […]

02 February 15 – Rainbow Scales

Trying to keep up with regular posting. Also trying to make it a habit to include some visual stimuli (almost always taken from my own photos because c’mon, this isn’t hard) to fire multiple brain lobes. The above taken in The Serpentarium in Lodi, CA a couple weeks back.

Work continues on revising “Chunked” […]


BLACK TRACE, my first science fiction novel, is up in part over at Wattpad and WriteOn (probably in a few other places at well). Wattpad is just the easiest to link to. I plan on running the first several chapters, enough to give folks a sense of the story and the setting. I have […]