Full Bleed 110809

FULL BLEED I’M GONNA EAT ‘EM ALL UP JUST AS SOON AS THEY TURN BLUE   Thinking about videogames and arcades, and maybe how they apply to comics (at least a little ways.) When I was ten, videogames were a thing that almost nobody had in their own homes, unless you want to count those […]

Conversation Fear – Not under the rocks, but out in the open

As published originally on Dark, But Shining. This will likely be a short one. The process of buying a new home has grown, shoggoth-like to expand all available space and energy. It is my hope, my hope, that things will settle back into something resembling the new normal in the next several weeks (but there’s […]


Truth to tell, I didn’t play in the alpha as much as a lot of other people did. Once I got out of the starting areas, I had a much tougher time of doing quests and the like, which was how you advanced your character. I’d get through the content and not be at quite […]

To Sean Collins

Hey, this might interest you, since you perked right up at the latest WoW cinematic. The ghostly king speaking to Arthas (aka the Lich King) is his father. Here’s the video from the game Warcraft 3 that sorta sets the stage for it. Since this is fantasy, context and history is everything, right?


So we’ve crossed the hostile (and daunting) territory of the Arathi Highlands, home to level 35 raptors and spiders and vultures that are all too happy to hasten their prey’s transformation into dead meat. Why are we doing this? Because Shadowfang Keep lies on the other side (well, through Hillsbrad and Silverpine Forest, too – […]


Exploring the WoW alpha, continued.

Azeroth Debriefing – 01

Being a travelogue from Azeroth in many parts.

Fun with MacPaint – 1

MacPaint and 1990. Two great tastes that taste great together.

L4D2, screenshot goodness

Screenshots for L4D2 that make the daylight scarier than the darkness.

L4D2 – Now with added melee goodness!

The Left4Dead 2 preview is out. And I wanna play it.