One day I’ll start feeling like I’m not in a transitional state, right? Maybe that’s the deal. Always changing. Or always moving away from another burning wreck to another as the hull finally slips below the waterline, just in time for the engine room to catch fire. Rinse repeat. Been thinking things over since the […]


Emerald City Comic Con, 2015 report and debriefing.


So I’ve been wracking my brain, trying to figure out why things are the way they are. Not everything, mind you. I don’t have the time to compose a supertheory of super-everything. But when I spend time in a place or situation, my brain gets to considering how it got there, the way it is […]

From another side

So there was this time that DC Comics put out a wondrous single issue of THE DOOM PATROL, which was written by Grant Morrison at the time. And it featured art by Richard Case (the usual artist on the book for the bulk of Morrison’s run), Jamie Hewlett (who went on to design The Gorillaz […]

A Taste of Asphalt

A TASTE OF ASPHALT hits today. Snag it here. Okay, you want to know what my writing’s about. But you don’t want to spend a lot because everyone’s got projects to support and Kickstarters to back. So I’m going to make it easy. Here’s what ninety-nine cents gets you. Two short stories: “Crunch Time”, featuring […]


Okay, right. One of the things I’ve been working on. An older version went on my tumblr, but I made some changes here.     This is a gigantic collection of not only my writing on comics (both the reading and making) but horror film and fiction and thought, as well as all of my […]

From the sketchbook – Darwyn Cooke

  Don’t know how often I’ll do this, but I’m pulling a couple things out of the sketchbook that I’ve been carrying around for near on the last ten years. This one’s by Darwyn Cooke. You might recognize him from THE NEW FRONTIER. It’s John Henry, one of the few characters created new in the […]


But not the first place that I bought comics. An important distinction. We’re talking about actual comic stores, which indeed predated the Direct Market (some thrived with its advent, some held on and some gave out). First comic stores that I actually shopped at regularly, and not just on an occasional visit to the wilds […]

Werewolves vs. Vampires

  That’s right. I’ll be signing alongside Tom Neely as he hits A-1 Comics in Sacramento (on Greenback near Old Auburn) on 9/21/11, from 3-5pm. I’ll try to make the after event, but I can’t make any guarantees. This will be the official world premiere of the collected version of THE THIRSTY, and I’m honored […]

Why I love the bronze age (one of a series)

The Bronze Age was so loopy that people thought this page was acceptable material to serve up to kids of all ages: Yeah, this page didn’t see print until MARVEL ESSENTIALS: MARVEL HORROR V.1 reprinted it. But still. Bill Mantlo scripted that and Russ Heath drew it and this was going to be okay for […]