A Taste of Asphalt

A TASTE OF ASPHALT hits today. Snag it here. Okay, you want to know what my writing’s about. But you don’t want to spend a lot because everyone’s got projects to support and Kickstarters to back. So I’m going to make it easy. Here’s what ninety-nine cents gets you. Two short stories: “Crunch Time”, featuring […]

HIGHWAY 62 REVISITED available now.

HIGHWAY 62 REVISITED available on the Kindle now. 1200 pages of commentary and writing on comics, music and horror by writer Matt Maxwell.

More than One Tribe

FULL BLEED TELL THE WORLD THAT YOU’RE WINNING, LOVE AND LIFE, LOVE AND LIFE This year I’ve gone to as many science-fiction conventions as I have comic conventions. Normally I’d have hit twice as many comic shows as I have (passed on both ECCC and SDCC this year, something I hope is just this year […]

Full Bleed 110809

FULL BLEED I’M GONNA EAT ‘EM ALL UP JUST AS SOON AS THEY TURN BLUE   Thinking about videogames and arcades, and maybe how they apply to comics (at least a little ways.) When I was ten, videogames were a thing that almost nobody had in their own homes, unless you want to count those […]

A revision

FULL BLEED: WAVE’S GETTING BIGGER, LIFE’S GETTING THIN To what I posted a couple of days ago. Here we go. I characterized DC’s plan as a hail Mary pass to another audience. If this is the case, the throw is short and wobbly. There is no reboot of previously existing continuity, maybe some tweaks here […]

On the big news

FULL BLEED SUPERTHEORY OF SUPEREVERYTHING DC went and did it. Day and date digital. Okay, they did some other stuff and I’ll get to that eventually. But the big one, and don’t kid yourself is going day and date with their print and digital comics. For those of you unclear on the term, this means […]

FULL BLEED returns from the grave.

MAKE ME A DEAL AND MAKE IT STRAIGHT I was skimming THE FIFTH COLOR just a little while ago and some thoughts jarred loose, particularly since Carla was talking about first comics and how that’s a uniquely comic book reader phenomena (as much as the origins game, so wryly played with in the pages of […]

The Collected Full Bleed

Or, “Misadventures in electronic publishing part 3.” I used to write about comics regularly. Now I try to mostly just write comics. However, both iterations of my column FULL BLEED were relatively well-regarded in their day. And instead of making people have to paw clumsily through online archives, I’ve collected all of them together between […]


Part the two. Also ran into longtime friend and cohort Graeme Macmillan on the show floor, got to catch up and chat for a bit, promised to see each other and talk more sometime that day, as we do every show we’re both at and then promptly manage not to cross each other’s path the […]

FULL BLEED 2000-2010 – 5

PART 5: NERVOUS MESSED-UP MARIONETTE 2000 started and I wasn’t writing comics or writing about comics or blogging about them. I didn’t know what a blog was, nor did most other people and if you did you’re lying. There were discussion groups on Genie (where I hung around the Neil Gaiman forum for a time) […]