So awhile ago, I wrote this story for an anthology that had one of those open calls that you hear about, but never seem to quite work out. I don’t get it. I mean, they wanted stories about the Apocalypse, and boy is this one ever.

I know. They wanted some good ‘ol misery-wallowing, which […]


I was gonna go with “Six Act Play” but the other one sounds so much cooler (and is a nice callout to one of my favorite DEFENDERS runs from when I was a kid.)

So let’s talk a little about structure. It’s a thing that I’ve been thinking about, trying to figure out how […]


Genre is a trap you shouldn’t fall into too hard if you can avoid it. […]


Taken 2004

So last week was the whole preview for THE LAND WILL KNOW, right? Yeah, I know. I should keep better track of what goes on at my own weblog, but the fact is that I have Twitter, several Tumblr blogs, a minor Facebook page as well as what goes on here at […]



Your perfect soundtrack for thist post. Just loop it.

I managed to trap myself yesterday, pretty bad. Not gonna bog you down with the personal details that you’re not really interested in, but last week was no damn good. This week not so much either. Let it all catch up to me, or […]

Tentatively serial

There’s a visual pun here, but I’ll let you figure it out.

Right. This week. Busy one. Getting ready for Emerald City Comic-Con coming up next week, and I’ve got a number of things to get done before that.

First off is a story called “Chunked” which just went out to an anthology, though […]

BLUE HIGHWAY and other updates

BLUE HIGHWAY is done and off to Createspace for your POD enjoyment.

If you’re interested, click on this link and head on over.

Here’s the back cover copy:

After the Great Big Zero, After the United States went untied, Life went on.

Jake Culver […]

The apocalypse will be unexpectedly boring?

Taken from “Crunch Time”, which you can buy for only .99, alongside 200 more pages of reading (including an extended preview of the upcoming science fiction novel BLUE HIGHWAY). Get it right here.

“I pointed out the window, even though the parking lot was largely empty now, but for some scattered trash and newspapers. No […]

A Taste of Asphalt

A TASTE OF ASPHALT – available today.

A TASTE OF ASPHALT hits today.

Snag it here.

Okay, you want to know what my writing’s about. But you don’t want to spend a lot because everyone’s got projects to support and Kickstarters to back. So I’m going to make it easy. Here’s what ninety-nine cents […]

RAGNAROK SUMMER free up at the Kindle store.

Line art by Alex Sheikman, design by me.

Hey folks. Just a head’s up that my first novel, RAGNAROK SUMMER is up for free over at the Kindle store. That’s a full novel for nothing. Maybe you’d like to read it and review it.

It’s pretty crazy. Thor’s gone feral, reverting to a Hell’s […]