His Other Name is Silence

Different flavor of update this week. Here’s some art from Luis Guragña for STRANGEWAYS book 3, THE LAND WILL KNOW. Still pushing for this to be completed this year for a release early next year. There’s a whole host of artists, as the book is composed of a group of short stories all bound […]

Update Feb 10 2015


Riverside Drive, Los Angeles 2000

Yeah, I missed yesterday sorry. Actual deadlines and a bunch of frenzied work on the main page of my website (that being kept me from doing any updates. But hey, paying work before that which does not pay. Blogging sure doesn’t. (But then neither does my writing, […]

Strangeways update of a sort

Hey folks, you might’ve seen a solicitation from Image for a book called STRANGEWAYS. That is not my book. I’ve already talked to them. I’ll let you all know when there’s official news.

Work continues on THE LAND WILL KNOW, but it’s slow, primarily because I can only pay artists like a small indie publisher […]

A word of explanation

“Hey, why did you remove all the free content from the STRANGEWAYS site?”

This is something that I’m never asked. And it turns out to be its own explanation.

I’ve left up the first chapters of both the books, MURDER MOON and THE THIRSTY. That’s more than enough to decide if you want to spend […]

Stumptown 2012


Did I even write up my Wonder-Con this year? It was dreadful enough that I’m not going to go check. I’ll write up a short review as a reminder: SDCC crowds, expense and hassle without SDCC sales or sunshine (or just clouds) or locale. Oh, and the Anaheim […]

It’s heeeeeere

Unpacking copies of THE THIRSTY, from about forty minutes ago.

That’s Alex Sheikman’s art on the cover. The design is what it is. I still see stuff I could fix and will once this run sells out. It’s a thick sucker. 200 pages. All for 17.95. It’s probably nine issues worth of story and […]

Gabriel Hardman on THE LAND WILL KNOW

Artist Gabriel Hardman on the upcoming STRANGEWAYS: THE LAND WILL KNOW. […]

STRANGEWAYS: THE THIRSTY to be carried by Diamond.

STRANGEWAYS: THE THIRSTY due for Diamond solicitation in November 2011. Street date in January, 2012. […]

Alex Sheikman on THE LAND WILL KNOW

I know. I don’t usually just go right out and say it. But I did this time. Artist Alex Sheikman (who you might’ve seen in the FCBD version of THE DARK CRYSTAL from Archaia) and on the cover of STRANGEWAYS: THE THIRSTY, will be doing a story entitled “Are Not Men” for the upcoming STRANGEWAYS […]

Who’s that artist?

As threatened on Twitter, I’m letting folks know about the next artist on THE LAND WILL KNOW (full personnel listing here).

Benjamin Dewey is a comic artist from Portland who’s part of the Periscope Studios (the hardest working people in showbusiness). I met him several years ago and I’m pleased to finally be in a […]